Sometimes In Life, You Need To Do Things You Never Wanted To.

So this isn’t really a rant, but something of truth which I need to tell all my fellow readers.

Sometimes in life, you just have to do things that you never thought you would have to. Sometimes in life, horrible things happen, completely unexpected. Sometimes in life, you have to smile through the worst of times, and pretend that you have no feelings.

Sometimes in life, you have to be strong. REAL strong.

I wasn’t ever the kind to give up, but lately I’ve realized that there are unexpected things that happen to you, and you sometimes feel like there’s no one to understand you, or make you get through this.

Mother, I miss you.

Yes, there will be times you will feel no one is listening to you, or that you don’t have any voice. Just get through that time, and you will withstand just about anything.

Sometimes, life will hurl abuses at you, laugh at you and mock you. Life will make sure you fall right down to your knees and beg for mercy.

Just hold on and don’t lose hope: for at the end of the tunnel, there’s always a white light.



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