What Harry Really Meant.

What he actually meant when he said he loved you,

was that he wanted to control you, your mind, your body and your soul.

What he meant when he said he wanted you,

was your entire being, only to himself so that no one else would be able to cherish the amazing person he had so brilliantly caged.

What he meant when he said he wanted you to respect his needs,

was that he wanted you to not be independent, to have a voice of your own, and to not do whatever other human beings do to keep themselves happy.

What he actually meant by wanting you to change your bad habits,

was that NOW he doesn’t appreciate the free spirit you were, once upon a time.

What he means by you’ve changed and he’s not happy,

is that you’re being disobedient to him, his needs, his wants and ofcourse, HIS thoughts.

What he means when he says do what you want,

is don’t do what you want or you’ll suffer the consequences.

What he meant when he said he’s seen you through and through,

is that he’s seen the good and bad, and finds other human beings more attractive, because they’re out of reach, and don’t sleep in bed next to him every night.

What he means by boasting about the vow he made to you,

is that it’s okay to look, flirt, enjoy other people because he got into the same bed with you every night.

What he meant by loving you, my dear,

is that he caged you, and you’re not free anymore.

He wanted to be followed, to be the king of the castle, and for you to be the slave in that world of his.



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