In a Constant State of Oblivion.

Making myself feel drugged in this mask of oblivion I wear,

Slowly fading like the stars into sunlight, until its dawn again

A glimmering beam of hope, passes by, unnoticed,

Yearning for some connection, a word of encouragement when there’s none

The clowns all laugh at my soul, tossing it around in the distance,

Tie me up with their colorful balloons, the spirit soars, and then returns, when they laugh again

It’s a cage, it’s a bird, it’s a lockdown all in all,

So much inside, with such little time

The fading black hair, the wrinkles on my forehead,

The feeling of a life wasted in regret and discontent

A pill, a smoke, a few words to put me through,

Some laughs, the anxious state of talking to people,

Unnoticed, unloved, disregarded, disappear

Black lights, white lights, all of the lights,

Nothing can light up this burnt candle inside,

Teardrops, raindrops, all feel the same,

Pinching to feel something, need to feel something.

Tomorrow’s another day, tomorrow’s another dawn,

And from dawn till dusk, repeat.



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