Your Body, Your Temple. Take Care Of It, And Drop The Unhealthy Habits.

So I am trapped inside the house because I am sick and I can’t really go anywhere. I suddenly don’t feel dependent on anything anymore, except for my body. All kinds of quotes are running through my head, ranging from ‘your body is a temple, take care of it’, to ‘heal thy body, heal thy self’, and a lot of flashbacks from irrelevant google searches that I sometimes bombard my brains with when I have too much free time on my hands.

Staying at home taking care of the ‘temple’, I’ve realized it’s not such a bad thing afterall. Sure, I do feel the need to eat and take my medicine after every meal, however, the increase in my intake of water has made me feel a little fresher than I usually did.

Oh, and also ditching the ‘chai latte’ routine has done immense wonders.

At this stage I sit relaxed on the ground, which I was unable to do so two days back, as the pains were severe and I was almost at the verge of a breakdown, mentally and physically. Got myself injected with painkillers and slept like a baby for two days, having sandwich with marmalade, lots of water and my meds in bed all day, all night.

Thanks to two wonderful people in my life who took care of me, and those that I know will always be there for me no matter what, and I’ll always be there for them, no matter what. I finally feel better enough to sit and write my thoughts out, as it is a cold winter night but the heater (all thanks to my beautiful, kind-hearted mother) is keeping me company and I don’t feel so bad after the chowmein minus the chillies (since I’ve been warned not to eat them anymore, courtesy my husband to be).

I’ve realized that this world will eat you up, if you don’t take a second to look at yourself and take care of yourself. I felt so over-worked all the time, I felt I wasn’t eating enough, wasn’t looking good enough, wasn’t taking ENOUGH water, wasn’t sleeping enough, and the list is never-ending. How I decided to take care of all that? Simple. I got SEVERELY ILL.

Yes, and that is what will ultimately happen to you if you don’t take care of yourself. I’m in my late 20’s, and this is no age to lose health. I now sit inside my room and wonder, how do people deal with chronic diseases, with so much pain and such little life at their hands. How it feels, I can only imagine. I am blessed and I thank the Lord for letting the pain pass through. You feel like you could take any drug in the world but the pain MUST go away, it just MUST. That’s the only thought you have at that very moment, and it’s messed up.

At this point, I have to get up and pee because of the increase in my water intake, and I’m very glad to do that, as long as I feel better and feel my immune system has started interacting with me again. I feel like I called for this disaster on myself, I feel like I didn’t pay too much attention to myself and it backfired (ofcourse). I learnt to respect my body just as much as I respect my soul, and by that it means I will be quitting on a lot of unhealthy habits (sleeping late, eating junk, not having enough water, and the list goes on).

At this point, I can feel the pain of all the mothers going into labour, I can feel the pain of all those cancer patients, sitting, waiting to get their chemotherapy done or going through immense pain in their bodies but not being able to communicate due to old age, I feel the pain of all those mental patients who are silently going through torture in their minds and how it affects their bodies, and they’re unable to communicate that. I can feel a lot of things and I literally, want to tell the Lord to ease EVERY one’s pain, and to not let them feel any kind of pain, and to take pain away from their lives and take something else from them, either in the form of karma or losing a tooth or getting a mole on the face (I’m serious) or whatever it is that makes them cringe. Just not physical pain, it’s the worst.

I hope and pray for whoever reads this, to be in the best of health and spirits. I pray for my mother, my father, my siblings, my loved ones and everyone that I have ever, ever loved, to be in the best of health and spirits and be happy. Health is the first thing that should matter in life, EVERYTHING else is secondary. Even work, even professional life, even cigarettes, drugs, sex, love, EVERYTHING is second. Health is the only thing that should mean everything to you, because without your health, without your lungs working properly, without your stomach performing it’s duties without the liver working properly without the kidneys, you’re nothing. You can’t do anything.

It’s something I NEVER NEVER EVER paid ANY heed to, and now I do. It has become my life and I will try to improve what I do with my body, starting with my diet.

I persuade everyone to learn from my example, and to take care of your temple. It will ensure that you respect yourself and love yourself enough, to take care of something that is so so precious. You don’t get another body and YOU DEFINITELY DO NOT GET ANOTHER LIFE. Life is already short, as it is. Don’t waste it with wasting your body and your immune system with cigarettes, drugs, junk food, sleep deprivation and all those bad habits that you have.

Take care of your body, you ACTUALLY only do live once.


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