Why Brangelina Break-Up Affected Me.

Often at times you experiences tragic events that don’t take place near you, and don’t happen to someone you knew personally. However, you are affected by them just as much as when a tragedy (God forbid) occurs in your life. These events may be about a personal journey of someone we love, or a philanthropist like Edhi, or some multi-national company who have just announced to give 1/4th of their total profits to charity (hardly ever happens but we still believe there’s good in the world)……………..or relationships that we’ve believed in long enough to have faith in love.

People are quick to judge that the only reason a couple might have parted ways would be cheating, or the selfish-ness of one of the lovers. Perhaps it is so, however, mostly the issue in such ideal relationships happens to be……………..the expectations.

Expectations are a killer part of relationships, and once we realize that there is no such thing as a perfect match to the expectation of a partner, a relationship reaches its saturation point.

Then there are those who believe that such celebrity news should not be given importance, and that they have more empathy than the rest of us because they are affected only by the death of people who are being bombed and droned, without much reason to.

However, all opinions given their due, the individuals who know the situation (and them alone) happen to be the ones going through the trauma and pain of the occurrence. Perhaps, I had been inspired at some point in my life by an amazing Hollywood couple, named ‘Brangelina’. Why were they such an inspiration for those who believed in love? Let me tell you:

If you’ve ever seen any Brad-Angelina movies, you’ll see that the chemistry they share is something that’s a little hard to find. Complementing each other’s weaknesses and strengths, they fit perfectly like two peas in a pod.

Another perfection lay in their professional lives: with the husband and wife both sharing the same profession, they were inseparable. Angelina wrote and directed a couple of movies in her lifetime, all of them doing outrageous business at the box office. ‘By The Sea’ was one of my personal favourites, showing the struggles of a married couple (will leave the rest of the story to you so you watch and decide for yourself how well-scripted it was).

Some people claimed that the story was Angelina’s herself, and that she narrated her own life through the tragic tale. In their last interview together more than half a year back, Angelina and Brad seemed happy (even if they weren’t deep down). Brad exclaimed how happy he was that his wife was out of danger because of the cancer which had a 90% chance to spread, and how he showed his full support and came to cater to his sick wife. Angelina kept holding his hand throughout, showing how strong and dedicated their bond had been.

Little did we know.

According to unrevealed sources, a lot of problems had been going on in their marriage of 2 years. Angelina and Brad Pitt had been together for a total of 12 years, including the two years of matrimony. They have 6 kids in total, of which Angelina seeks physical custody, claiming that she alone wants to take care of them because Brad has ‘drinking, smoking up and anger issues’, and she doesn’t want that environment for their children.

However, a bigger claim is the cheating part. Though we all know the episode where Brad walked out on his then wife Jennifer Aniston, and how heart-broken she was, it was the same scenario as it is now. We cannot call it Karma, because we cannot be quick to judge, but there is a saying for a reason that states ‘history repeats itself’. Whatever you sow in this world, you shall reap, as states one of the Holy Books.

Then again we cannot be judging the intentions then, and the intentions now. Angelina Jolie has done a lot of humanitarian work, and is outdoing her counterparts in Hollywood, being a philanthropist and going around the world, feeding children, adopting ones she thinks she can take care of for the rest of their lives. She is perhaps even more wonderful than some of us will ever be, so we cannot be quick to state that history repeated itself.

When such tragic ends to love stories occur, often it is the fault of both sides. Then again, sometimes neither of the sides can be blamed. Brad and Angelina met on the sets of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and fell in love. Brad and Marion Cotillard met at the sets of Allied, and well, we don’t really know what happened.

Reports suggest that Angelina had hired a private eye to investigate the case of Brad and Marion, and that she had gotten the answers she wanted.

Though that’s one side of the story, there’s another to it. A couple of other journalists claim that Angelina has been having health and weight issues, and that she’s been having wine every night and not eating enough. Brad has been helping his wife out of all the turmoil, but he needs a break sometimes too, reporters stated.

A source also claimed that Angelina had been upset for a long time over the way Brad was going through his mid-life crisis, a transition of identity experienced by middle-aged people. It was also rumoured that he was all about partying and making more movies, while Angelina wanted more peace in her life and wanted to spend more time with the family, which is why she didn’t want to work in too many movies.

There was a difference in lifestyles, all in all. The state of evolvement, perhaps, where individuals grow in their own ways and learn from their experiences, and every human being is different, so decisions cannot be blamed on human beings, rather circumstances.


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