Starting Out My Singing Career.


So ladies and gentlmen, this is the beginning, I’ve decided.

Now, the main thing to keep me going is, not looking left to right. Sure as hell, I always stopped everything I ever EVER did in my life, just because people told me I wasn’t good enough, or this one think sucked or that other thing sucked, and so on.

Well to all those people, go fuck yourselves.

It’s high time that I do something for myself now. I saw how people became hypocrites, and did everything they wanted to do in their lives, and stopped me from doing what I wanted to do most. Well now, people you know do the same shit you stopped me from, so fuck you, bitches.

I have decided to not listen to anyone, or look at anyone, for a thumbs up, for support, or even for criticism.

People have shown me that they will never support, and that they are waiting to see you fall. I have personally experienced even the best of friends getting jealous of your life, and even of your talents.

However, this just gives me more power to pursue what I’ve always wanted to, and I doubt anything will stop me, or I’ll let anything stop me from achieving my goals, my dreams, my passion.





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