First Things First.


So my personal diary is becoming more like my rant-space. However, I seem to like it better this way.

I think I don’t have a best friend to rant all these things to, otherwise I wouldn’t be talking to a computer to feel better. Haha, at least it listens to me and saves up everything I say. (Chuckles)

To start off with, I think I’m going to buy big boxes, cartons of cardboard that are used to ac’s or fridges. I am going to stack them in my room, so that I’m ready for step 2.

Step 2: I will be putting EVERYTHING that I possibly can and want to throw away, into those cartons. There is ALOT of thinking that I have to do once the clutter is out, about life, career, home, building relationships, what to and what not to do/compromise on in the future and so on. This clutter has to go for me to have some space to think!

Step 3: Once everything has been put into those cartons, I will make sure that I place them inside the store room, where they will stay for a few days.

Step 4: Once they have completed their 2 weeks inside the store area, I will make sure that I give those cartons away to someone in need. Maybe even call up some company to give those things away in charity.

Step 5: Once the bullshit has left my room, I will now turn towards my camera, guitar and books. Let’s see which one comes first. I think I’ll probably choose the guitar, because the camera is just for capturing occasions I really want to capture. Frankly speaking, I don’t have really friendly/super nice people around me who’re always dying for pictures. They hate getting photographed even. Fuck that idea so.

Step 6: I will make a schedule of doing things. I know it’s a bit hard to do that being a bachelor but I guess it will make my ‘me time’ hell of a lot easier. I need to have it somewhere near my bed so that I know what I have to do. Let’s make a time table and divide things in my life according to that.

Step 7: Stay consistent. If you lose focus, you will have to start all over again, so beware. And DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT LOSE FOCUS!!

Step 8: Do not have negative thoughts about life, experiences, people, anything at all. Just go with the flow and work on yourself and things. You’ll get there, InshaAllah 🙂



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