Follow Your Heart.


Follow your dreams, that’s what I’ve learnt from life. Sooner or later you come to regret the time you wasted, and the opportunities you wasted thinking ‘now’s not the time’. Lots of times you listened to others and what opinions they had about your dreams, sometimes society oppressed you, regressed you, made you believe you weren’t capable of it.

They undermined your dreams, shattered you with emotional blackmailing, put every hurdle possible in your mind for you to stop dreaming so that you wouldn’t succeed, in short forcefully persuading you to stop dreaming at all.

Why is it that later on in life, you come to regret those opportunities you missed out on? Is it worth the sacrifice? Do you really find happiness in compromising later? The answer for me is N O : NO!

You hate the chances you missed, and you regret it every step of the way. Seeing others walk on the ladder of success to their dreams, just makes you more miserable. You can’t help but wish that you hadn’t listened to anyone at that time and just done what you had set out to do.

I’m unstoppable now, and I will never listen to anyone but myself again. So here’s my two cents: do what you have to, and screw society, relatives, anyone who comes in your way. Forget their screwed up words and hurdles they throw at you, laugh them off; they’re little pebbles on the path of your way to success.

People are jealous, they will never be happy to watch you succeed and be where you want to be. People are judgemental, no matter what you do for them, no matter how you are to them. They will talk. Never ever take their bullshit and let it complicate your way, as you grow older you will come to regret the things you didn’t do, rather than the things you did do. The things you did will become amazing memories and laughable moments. The regrets, not so much.

What is the thing you have always dreamed of? Something that crosses your mind 20 hours of the day and you see yourself as? Dream of that moment when you’re finally there. Because that moment isn’t far if you live for yourself. All these other ‘hurdles’ in the form of people and ideas are mere figments of your mind, they don’t matter ‘ONCE YOU MAKE IT’.

Good luck to you and may you achieve your dreams! -Sana Gilani



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