Of Expectations, and Downfalls.

Running late for an interview, I checked my watch, cleaned off the sweat from my forehead with a kleenex, and entered the office.

Upon entering, I notice the lobby is to the right, a bit far from where I stood. People greet me with stares of all sorts: cold, threatening, competitive, miserable, some sad, some smiling even, it was the smiling ones that I was surprised at.

People actually smile at you for no reason in this country as well, I thought, and found a place to sit down in.
I never thought I would actually get into the firm, I wasn’t even prepared for the job. My friend had referred me to the boss of the company, and I thought it’s worth a shot.

I went, with my jeans ripped and my hair untidy, but my makeup done properly, I sat down and talked and talked, and talked about all the things I wanted to talk about, I wasn’t once formal and the boss seemed to like it.

He offered me the job later on, I got a phone call, and I couldn’t believe my luck, as there had been a long line of people waiting, since morning, to get in.
Maybe when you don’t expect for something to happen and it does, you are surprised and you thank God for the lovely opportunities, for the gifts to you by the Allmighty, as a result of some good you did (maybe).

But what is a person without hope, faith, and a little bit of expectation? Nothing.



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