At 26, you realise…..

I didn’t know life could be SUCH a huge roller coaster ride.

At 26, you realize a lot of things that you hadn’t realized when you were younger. As for myself, I have accepted that come what may, either I have a heavy heart or a broken bone, will not seize to live. There are so many changes that take place throughout these 20’s that you look back and see a joyful (yet sad, at times) ride that took you from where you were to where you are, and in the process, changed you too.

My ‘To-do’ lists have become more goal-oriented, rather than just scribbling notes on ‘needing to fix the shower handle, buying a new dressing table for the room’. They’ve become more of ‘guitar lessons for 5 months, hit the gym and lose extra weight in 3 months’. True, you realize that time is flying and that you’ve wasted your teens in all the celebrations of life (okay, maybe not wasted, but spent too much more time than you should’ve) and that you need to kickstart life and pull up your socks, it’s either now or never. You realize that all those books you’ve accumulated over your shelves from all over the world in all the different bookshops and coffee stops, you need to read them now. You realize that everything you have in your room, needs to go. All the junk is taking up (or invading) all of your personal space, and you need to clean your ‘aura’.

Life at 26 makes you learn that being ‘skinny’ doesn’t stay forever, that ‘reality check, bitch!’, you’re going to gain. It also makes you realize that you’ll have to give up all the delicious meals of the world you once savoured in all those late junk food movie midnights, will have to be thrown in the bin of your mind.

At 26 you know that whomever walks into your life, you need to work on the love and happiness with them, and share the hope of a bright future ahead. Atleast, for a girl coming from a third world country with a medium-liberate culture, you do. You need to know the difference between right and wrong, and that nothing in life stays forever: in my case, partying, late night outings with friends, celebrating birthdays all the damn time, and so on.

You realize where I’m coming from when you reach my age. You worry about the future, about what it brings. Will I make a huge career out of this? Is this the path I should choose, or should I just follow my heart and see where I go? Reality check again, bitch, this time you NEED to know where you’re headed so you can start out, it’s high time baby.

At 26, you realize that you don’t need all those 102 people in your life that you once called ‘friends’. You realize that all those facebook buddies you hung out and partied with, they bitch behind your back. You also become aware of the fact that there are, in reality, only a few close friends that you should see often, and share your life with. The rest are just there to get kicks out of your worries and troubles, and will not be supportive of your decisions, and will never buck you up.

At 26, you realize that your parents count on you to become ‘SOMEONE’. It is a vague term, this ‘becoming someone’, but let me tell you from my experience that once you do become ‘that someone’, they’ll be the proudest folks ever. You just need to see your ‘spark’ and begin. There are a lot of things that come to my mind when I think of the many occupations I changed, the dreams I gave up, the things I sacrificed just to bring a smile to my parents’ faces and to shut society up, but in the end you realize they don’t really care about your dreams, they just don’t want to see you succeed. Yes, you got it, there’s a special term for it: HATERS. Rid yourself of the evils.

At 26, you see the world a lot more differently than you did. You become more of a house-maker than a house-wrecker, and realize that you should stick your noses in your own business, and leave other people alone. If you had a knack for bitching and biting backs, you realize it’s best to let it go. You no longer have the energy (or in my case, the stamina) to deal with bullshit and people who give you only problems, and due to whom you’re always distressed. Best to let such sucky relationships go too.

At 26, you realize one thing more than all the others I’ve mentioned: all your friends are getting married, are married, or have babies. Everytime you see a picture of a new born or a marriage on your facebook, you realize your time is close. GULP. You know how society is, so you stay away from all those nosy people who try to pry into your business and always ask you at every possible occasion ‘when are you getting hitched? When do we hear the good news? Do we even hear the good news at all? Bitch suck my shoe.

At 26, you realize that you need to read everything and anything you can get your hands on, and you need to watch every movie, every documentary, and have long, deep discussions with anyone who has a little knowledge about anything. You’re coming close to realizing that time flies, and life is short. You know that you won’t be able to have the time to do all these things later on, with kids and families and taking care of others besides yourself. You know that there is little time to live your free ‘single life’, and so you make the most of it.

Don’t get me wrong, 26 is NOT AT ALL bad. You have your perks out of it. You are mature, your parents trust you, you (might) just have your own car by now too. You’re free to go wherever, you’re free to roam with whomever, and you can make choices yourself, rather than depend on anyone to make them for you, which I’ve done a lot throughout my life, and it always backfired. This age gives you the liberty to become independent, and the most important of all, you’re probably done with your studies, so no extra books to carry, no morning classes, and NO EXAMS!

But if you’re working..well you have to wake up early. So let’s see where life’s headed. For now, I’m insanely calm and at peace. Trying to figure out ‘my purpose in life’. Let’s see where life takes me.

All the best to ya’ll out there in your mid 20’s, make the most of them!



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