A Series of Anxiety Attacks.

Life is nothing but a series of anxiety attacks. What’s going on in his mind right now? Does he love me? Is she still willing to be the mother of my children or has she moved on? Will I get this job or will I stay broke like this forever? What will I say at the interview today? Such questions keep on haunting us for as long as we live.

Why can’t life be simple and a source of peace rather than panic and anxious phases? Why do people stress so much all their lives over petty little things even if they know that sooner or later an outcome will come and no matter what that outcome is, they will have to live with it?

Humans have made their own lives difficult by their own choices. Yet again, I won’t hesitate adding that life has in actuality become much more difficult now than it ever was. Since the evolution of man and the revolution in technology, our lives have become nothing but a living hell. Why someone is being added to someone’s facebook or why someone is stalking someone on instagram are the main arguments between lovers these days. And not just lovers, I’ve seen friends and families break up over this social mediums too; disgracing and humiliating each other publicly. Keeping in mind that social mediums keep a record of what we’ve done throughout our lives, I find them nothing but a source of anxiety.

In my days we would go outside ride on bicycles and play hop scotch with our neighbours kids. The maximum computer we would use was for paint and playing pacman. We used to love our simple lives and enjoyed every minute of mr. Bean and mind your language on television. Those days are long gone and have been evilly replaced by technology.

Technology is one of the major causes of anxiety and communication gap between lots of people. But another cause of anxiety is our everyday life these days. Cut throat competitors and trying to be number one: people have forgotten all about ethics in their lust and hunt for dough. Greed has become the bigger evil in society and it has become an enormous monster that munches on the brains of these higher ups who sit in their so called palaces.

While the rest of Pakistan suffers extreme poverty and famine, our baadshaahs sit in their so called mahals and loot money from the nation. I find it extremely sad to state that life in Pakistan is nothing if you don’t have sufficient money. There are no activities, fewer than few theme parks, and mostly a very unsafe environment for women to roam around freely and alone without a male chaperone.

What has become of my country? I fail to understand how our survival will be in the next couple of years. Youth isn’t keen to focus on their ettiquettes and education, instead they’re busy finding girls that they can get into bed with. Women on the other hand, have become money hungry bitches and would take their clothes off in front of just about anyone if their financial demands are being met. Such is the sorry state of affairs in my country.

Due to zero activities here, people have become zombies: just beings who are full of tensions, insecurities and anxiety. How will we pay our bills? How will our kids study? Gas for cars is too expensive. How will we afford this? How will we afford that? Should people pay their bills or look after their health. At the end of the day, they have to pay their bills. And it is very hard to have a happy and stable life in a politically unstable country.

What is going to become of people I fail to understand. Life is so hard to live sometimes. Moving back to technology, I really wish that it would just stop its evolution now. We dont need more chaos in our lives. Theres enough already. People are getting insecure watching televisiom dramas and finding these extremely beautiful women there. Many marriages have broken down due to the unreasonable demands of spouses from each other based on characters from dramas. They are doing nothing but polluting the minds of people, brainwashing them into thinking the way of life is the one depicted in dramas and real life is exactly as easy or as hard as shown.

I fail to understand why social mediums have become a source of evil rather than a source of connecting with each other. People have more chances to cheat now. They take their chances and im surprised to see people that I never thought would changed for their loved ones, did. And why? Insecurities and just because they found someone who would chat with them all day long, unlike their spouse who hardly ever has time.

I could rant all day about the uses of technology and how its creating havoc in our lives, but lets just say I’m tired. Of all this drama and locomotion. All I want to do is sit somewhere and write. And read and write about all the negative and positive things I feel, and just throwthe negative ones away somewhere; burn it all.

Life is nothing but a series of anxiety attacks. You cannot burn anything or throw it away, you have to keep it with you forever, no matter how much it burns you up inside. You get a new car and you hope it won’t turn it’s back on you like everyone else does. Yeah you can count on it, it doesn’t breathe. People walk away from you when you least expect them to, because their egos are bigger than their hearts. People don’t learn to let go of these petty little issues because their so called self respect doesn’t allow them to be degraded in anyone’s eyes, it doesn’t matter what they themselves think about their situations. I feel sorry for these people, I know they are lying to themselves to feel better. However, one word of advice for anyone who wants to invest some time reading this article: live life as simple as you can. The more the technology, the more the insecurities and conflicts within your head; the more the anxiety and ego, the more restless you will be in your lives. Eat, sleep, go out for a run. Live. Spend time with your loved ones rather than ticking off at buttons on your phones. Have a healthy conversation with your grandfather, have an omelette at home instead of a lavish breakfast in an expensive restaurant. Love your lover, and think of him as the only person in your world.

Be a human being again. 🙂


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