Mentally Deranged.


Why does it feel sometimes that you are unable to communicate your feelings to someone whom you love the most, someone whom you trust the most.

Has anyone ever wondered why people get lonely? Why they crave attention from someone.

Yet sometimes we take our closest ones for granted. Making them feel that we dont love them 🙂

I see my grandpa’s belongings scattered on my table. I touch and feel them. I kiss them. I know now how guilty I feel, for not giving him as much time as I shouldve.

People leave the world, and they never come back. Yet we take them for granted, as if tomorrows are forever.

Tomorrows are not forever.

People are not forever.

Love remains forever.

Love like its your last day. Or it’s  her, or it’s his last day. One thing we have no control over, is Mr. Death. He comes and takes as he pleases.

Please cherish your loved ones and pay them attention if they crave for it. At the end of it, they only want your time because they love you.



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