Holding On.

At many points in your life, you would feel that it takes alot to hold on. Sometimes, you feel life asks for too much and you just can’t go any further. At other points, life feels stagnant.

How do you handle life at such points? The answer is simple: just hold on.

Hold onto fond memories of what once was. Hold onto the mistakes and lessons learnt from them. Hold onto the good in you. Hold onto the ones who love you, who stand by you in moments of solitude, in moments of grief, in moments of pain.

Hold onto those who don’t understand you, someday they will. Hold onto the memories of people who degrade you, or undermine you; one day they will see you outshine others and will realize your true potential and worth.

Most importantly hold onto those negative words coming from people who dont believe in you, who say they dont think you’ve got what it takes. Hold onto all of it, yet hold onto nothing at all.

You will find your solace amidst the angry and demeaning chants. They will make you be better. Stronger. And they will make you come back harder.

As the saying goes: Fall down seven times, get up eight.


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  1. This was the most powerful thing that I read today. And yes, no matter what happens, I will hold on to life. 🙂

    1. sanagillani says:

      I’m glad that it inspired you, Hardeep 🙂 Bless you. King regards.

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