The State of Helplessness.

How does it feel, this state of helplessness..It is a feeling beyond words. You cannot describe it…it controls you and you become desperate for it to go away..and it never goes away not even for a second when you most want it to go…
The winds blew lightly, marking the beginnings of autumn in the air. The leaves fell to the ground and made a hollow circle around her feet. She kept walking. Thinking of how her life might have been if every decision she ever took in her life was reversed and she had taken some other decision in the place of it. No, I shouldn’t be thinking about it.. But why does it feel sometimes that nothing belongs to me? Nothing is in my hands and I cannot control anything I feel? Am I that weak of a person? Or has love made me weak inside? Giving and giving and taking and giving and loving everyone and everything..but it is what her elders used to say. Give love and you will receive love in the world. But why doesn’t it feel like it? Why am I not that happy person that should’ve been here instead of this dull, grieving me?
Maybe it was her fate.




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