Embracing the demons.


Sometimes I feel alone in this world..

Like nobody understands me

Not even those, closest to me..

As they’re not here when I need them the most…

Sometimes, this journey feels so alone

I’m scared of not finding someone to completely open up to.

Who takes my hand, and heals my wounds..

What if all those who came and left

Saw the outer me and didn’t waste time to know the inner..

Sometimes it gets really tiring, my eyes are sore and my heart is numb.

Waiting for a sign, anything at all..

to lead me to where I’m supposed to be..

What if I embark on this journey alone,

Maybe destiny is just playing games with me.

Manipulating me into thinking I’ll have someone to share my journey with.

But in the end, no one understands me

no one at all…..

Maybe I’m the one who has been destroyed.

Who’s too complicated to be understood anymore

I’ve become too sensitive, and here I thought

I was unbreakable., I am not.

Release me from my pain, dear God.

Because sometimes, I feel really alone in this world.

And I feel, that there’s nothing left in my life, at all.



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