When I think of the most random things.


Those moments exist, when you have too much on your mind and the only thing you want to do is write it all down because it’ll be hard for anyone to understand.

Find myself pondering over the meaning of life sometimes, and figuring out what it is that I’ve actually been sent for.

The purpose is not to cook, to drive, to have children, to find true love or to settle in a house with some savings and food on the table. The purpose in my mind is something greater.

But then the mind starts playing games and tells me that I don’t have time to ponder over what it is I really want.

Growing up in a society where it is daily practice to make your daughters sacrifice their dreams and ambitions because of materialistic and cultural factors, I take a stand because im different.

What is being different in society perceived as? As a rebel? As a dis-obedient daughter? As someone who isn’t fully returning the favor upon her elders by agreeing with them on how she should live her own life.

Life takes extremely odd twists and turns. I know now for sure, that you can never trust it to go the way you want it to. It will always surprise you. It will shock you, amaze you, hurt you or make you unexpectedly happy. But it will ALWAYS surprise you.

What is the purpose of waiting for a tomorrow? Better future? Better cars? Better jobs? To eventually settle down and have a mediocre life like everyone else? Or does it have a bigger meaning. Why is it that ordinary things are giving more preference by this culture than the driving force of human kind, ambition.

I sit alone, thinking about these weird never ending thoughts in my head. I think of tomorrow, of how long my life is going to be, about the things I have achieved and of the things I want to achieve. You can’t predict life, you cannot ever know if you’ll live tomorrow.

So make your decisions today. Don’t wait. Do everything you wished for, and everything you want. Have no regrets, the things that have happened to you have made you stronger and the things that will happen to you will make you stronger yet.

We fail to perceive failures as part of our maturing process. But that’s just the way it should be. Is the purpose of life looking good and feeling sexy? No. is the purpose of life getting the love of your life and spending a lifetime together? Perhaps. Is the purpose of life doing something in this life that would be left behind for generations to know? That is my perception of life.

Age is a cruel thing. Just yesterday I was young and beautiful, and I felt so alive. Knowing that years have passed since that feeling existed, I realize that there’s less time to become and be what and where I wanted to be.

If people could just live, and let live. Everything happens in its due time. We should all just learn to relax and say our prayers for our better futures. Perhaps that’s the only way any peace would be achieved.

Depression is a killer. Once it gets to you, it stays. Nobody but you can understand what you’re going through. Problems give you stress, stress gives you poor health and emotional strains. And depression kills you slowly, eventually, without you realizing.

 Just some random thoughts up in the head.



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