And May He Never Forget.


She walked past a crowd of people, looking at their blissful faces: so happy, so full of life…she thought to herself why she couldn’t feel that way? Maybe there was something wrong with her. Nope, don’t think so…she thought to herself, as she walked by the crowd of people into her walk of loneliness in the dark winter night. She knew that it was time to think. To stand alone, and to be strong, and to think. And to think from the mind, and not from the heart.

And may he never forget the holding of hands in the dark winter nights…and may he never forget the smile on each other’s faces looking at each other…and may he never forget the long walks in the beautiful moon-lit nights…and may he never forget the random moments full of laughter pangs…and may he never forget looking into her eyes and seeing only the truth and nothing else..and may he never forget the only truth he saw in her eyes…the truth of love.

And may he always remember her words to him..and may he always remember what she felt when he was around…and may he always remember the good times and forget about the bad ones…and may he always know that she will always love him no matter what…and may he feel her in every breath he takes and in every moment of his life everywhere around him…and may he know she’s somewhere, thinking about him too.

And may he know that there is always hope, at the end of the day. And that there actually is light, at the end of the tunnel. But sometimes, we’re too scared to see it, or it may seem blurry initially. May he always remember to keep on going, may he succeed, said her mind.

She sighed to herself and kept on walking, the dead leaves crunching underneath her shoes..She liked the sound of them. Sometimes, solitude gave her peace. Sometimes, she liked being alone. Away from the world, where she could procrastinate. Think about life, about people, about happiness, love, about emotions, and spiritual growth, about the experiences her soul had just had…about all the emotions she had felt..about the intensity of every feeling and emotion present inside of her, feelings and emotions she never knew existed.

And may he never forget the passion. And may he never forget the intensity. And may he always breathe in her never-ending love. And may it last and pump through his veins into his heart. Always. 

May he never forget.




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