When you least expect “destiny” to work its magic, it hits you.


I don’t think I believed in destiny as much as I do right now. So we make plans, and plans don’t fall into place most of the times, some of them do, yes, but not always. So we stop believing in destiny for a while, and maybe at some point lose hope in ourselves, our surroundings, and people who can affect us and our lives in mysterious ways. 

So you expect something from someone else, and in return you get something greater from a person unknown to you, a complete stranger. Yes I met such a friend, and came across her where and when I least expected. Destiny has ways to surprise you, and something I would even call it ‘creepy’, it creeps up behind you and before you know it, you slip into the pit and it makes sure that it makes whatever it wants, happen. 

So I fell into the pit of positivity and friendship, I made a new friend. But this friend might just be all that I’ve ever wanted in a friend. Smart, funny, witty, positive, sarcastic, crazy, another version of me to be more precise. I don’t think there has been any level of understanding with anyone I’ve ever met, in just three days. That’s all the time we had to spend together at my close friend’s wedding, and while he was busy and couldn’t give me enough time, his sister and I got alot of time to spend together. And all I remember is that we didn’t sleep. Ever. Well we did for a while but that was just so that we could wake up again another day and be fresh enough to keep up the entire next day so we could talk about the things we missed out on the previous night.

So how do people meet? Do we plan it? No. Do we expect it? Not at all. Do we know if we are going to click and be from different worlds and have different experiences and still bond so strongly that it becomes difficult to ever let go? Nope. Not at all. We don’t know any of these things, and yet they happen to us, and they affect us, and they change us in alot of ways, more than we presume. So I believe there is a greater power above us, who controls who and how someone is going to come into our lives, and sometimes I can’t help but Thank God all night for the countless blessings he keeps on showering upon me. I don’t feel I deserve so much happiness, I might have broken alot of hearts with my words and actions, and God still gives, and never asks. God is indeed, Exalted, Almighty.

When I write, I write with all my heart. I just  keep on writing, I don’t think what I have to write, or if I have to use proper grammar, ‘jargon’ to describe what I have to. I think, and I click alphabets on the keyboard. Because I don’t want to even forget one single thought that comes into my head. And especially in a case like this, where there was a revival of faith and hope inside me, I don’t want to miss out on anything that I have to describe. 

I felt alot of sadness, alot of misery. When you have spent alot of time together, and then things are changing, you realize life is not going to be the same any more because of countless other responsibilities, yes I felt I lost a friend at my friend’s wedding. I knew life was more or less, not going to be the same for us. But I gained another friend, so God didn’t take anything away from me. In fact, I think I am blessed, truly. Whatever I was going through, there was someone to hold my hand and tell me right there and then, ‘you can tell me everything you want, and I’ll be there for you.’ I realized it later, God was there. He was with me, and He was helping me through everything. Yes, friends are a blessing, indeed. I sincerely hope that I never lose any of them; when you share a history with someone, they are a part of your life. And as a loyal taurean, I like to keep things that way. 🙂

Misbah, you gave me an experience in life so unexpectedly, without even letting me know. Where I thought were sad endings, I had strong faithful new beginnings. Destiny, I believe, opens doors for you when you need them, in the form of faith, courage, happiness, or another word to describe it: a friend.

Lots of redbulls were wasted in discovering the ‘destiny’ factor and how important it is in our lives, to our lives!

Ultimately, we came to a conclusion that whatever happens as a consequence of the yes’s and no’s we say throughout our lives, is our destiny, and sometimes those things that you think are gateways to the future are just mere hindrances that need to removed from the path in one way or another. 

Misbah, I know we live miles apart and it will be difficult to get in touch all the time, but as much as we can we will! I’m glad to have met you, and I’m truly blessed that you’re a part of my life. I loved sharing my experiences and hearing about yours, so we gave each other a part of us, to cherish throughout our separate journeys. 🙂 You can count on me to be there for you whenever you need me. I never gelled with anyone so much in such a short span of time, maybe in a week we would’ve gotten bored of our conversations and lame lives but I would beg to differ. I think that when you click, you just do. And you just don’t have enough time to tell everything about your lives to each other, times just not enough. 

I hope we meet again soon, ‘until next time’. 🙂 I found a friend in you that I probably never did before in such a short period, and I want you to be the way you are forever because you are amazing just the way you are. Do I sound like Bruno Mars? LOL I swear that wasn’t the intention. I hope our long distance relationship works out real well. 🙂 You brought a smile to my face throughout, and while I listen to music right now and sit in my room all alone missing your company, I have a strong gut feeling that we’ll be meeting really soon. And a woman’s gut feeling is always right. Always. (This always is the ‘Snape’ always too)

I miss your random pangs in the middle of the night, and Sumbaleene just chilling on the bed doing nothing but texting, pretending to sleep but listening to our conversations and then giving her two cents at the end of our stories. I miss the Salman Khan dances and the Priyanka Chopra ‘in my city’, haha. I miss the loo moments and the whispering in the kitchen when everyone else was asleep. The endless picture taking, the conversations that never ended, the going to bed pretending to sleep but then waking up five minutes later because there was alot to still talk about. wow. I actually just can’t get over it, even now. 

I made a good decision to come attend the wedding. And destiny is tricky, yes. It lets you feel like you’re the one who’s taking a decision, when infact, its already written, that you are going to do this, and say yes or no to this situation, and then it happens, no matter how much we want to stop it, or play along with it. It tricks your mind into believing that you’re the one who made this decision, and this is the outcome of it, when infact this message has already been given to the brain before you even make any decisions, and things fall into place just like that. And before you know it, all those things you LEAST expected, happen. The least expected of things happened, yes, and I cherish every moment. Because these are the moments that make chills run up your spine and give you goosebumps and tell you, ‘this is your destiny, this is what was meant to happen.’

I sound a little emotional maybe, but I’m just overwhelmed because of all the mixed feelings I experienced, and therefore words are limited to describe what I felt. However, my way of letting it all out is through my writing. And once I put thoughts into words, I can finally sip on some coke (I miss our sessions again) and laugh and smile at the crazy things we did. So yes, this is a shout out, you rock babe. Be the way you are, let no one and no conditions change you. And yes, your answer is ‘you do find people like yourself in your life, so never settle for less.’

I love you. 🙂



3 Comments Add yours

  1. misbah says:

    Mera babyy :*
    I couldn’t have put my thoughts into better words. This was friggin amazing. I had come to terms with the so called ‘fact’ that we all have to settle in life ….and then u came into my life. Gayii bhens paani mein :p

    I miss you and you are complete love. Its weird to think there’s someone like u in this world…sitting in Lahore and sippin on coke 😋

    Same goes for you woman, never settle, you are special and God will work His magic. When has he not?

    I love u. Muuuuuah

    The rest on whatsapp 😋

  2. Misbah says:

    well i cant see the comment i left this morning. damn windows phones!

    anyway…here goes:

    I love you. This was so unexpected, lifes pretty amazing sometimes. I had come to terms with the fact that one always has to settle in life -__-…but then u came along…aur along came sana moment hogaya.

    you’re amazing. truly. never ever change for anyone or anything because then u wont be half as awesome as you are now.

    I don’t want to tell you how much i miss you 😦 because that’ll make us both sad.

    until 9 tonight babe…muuuuah :*

    1. sanagillani says:

      I love you more man, I can’t believe I just read this. Love you. 🙂

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