The Power of your Parent’s Words.


I have always used public transport, since as long as I can remember. I don’t remember the last time I asked my parents to drop me somewhere, yes, I guess school days, or maybe till my A Levels. That’s about it. I still remember the day when my dad couldn’t pick me up from the market, and he told me to grab a ‘rickshaw’. And I was all ‘dad, I can’t, they’re not safe,’ and dad went, ‘beta, you are a big girl now, you can take care of yourself, everyone takes it, it’s fine’. And then I said okay, I will. And that’s the first day I did.

I didn’t feel like he was gonna kidnap me, I didn’t feel scared or anything. It was the power of dad’s words. He encouraged me to do something I was reluctant to, and suddenly I felt no fear or reluctancy. I was courageous enough to do it, because my dad had told me to. He was with me, and he was supporting it.

It was getting late, last night. I had to rush to meet a couple of friends at a nearby cafe, for some food and catching up on gossip over all the years we hadn’t seen each other. I was again, reluctant to go out on a rickshaw, partially because it was past 08:00 pm and it was really dark, so I deemed it unsafe around this time for public transport. I told my mother that I was leaving on a rickshaw because none of them could pick me up. I told her I’m a bit scared and I don’t feel safe on public transport. And she said, ‘It’s okay, you should go, your friends are waiting. Nothing will go wrong.’ And all my fear disappeared. Sitting on the rickshaw with my headphones in my ears (taking special care that I hide my phone in my bag while I listen to songs on it, as there are phone snatchers everywhere on traffic signals especially), I just couldn’t help but wonder, what is it about the power of a mother’s words, that makes you forget all your fear?

If my mother doesn’t like something, no matter how hard I try to love it, I can’t. If she says something’s good for me, it appears to be the best. If my father thinks I should go for a degree or a university or what I’m doing is great, I am going to go for the degree and the university and I will think what I’m doing is actually great. It doesn’t matter if it is or it’s not, he thinks it is and it just is.

There is some magical power in your parents’ words. I just wish they would support my dreams as always. InshaAllah. 🙂



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