Being Thankful to God Tonight.


Dear God,

I’m thankful to you tonight, for all that I have. I’m thankful for the air I breathe, I’m thankful for the Air conditioner in my room that saves me from the hot weather and sweatiness. I’m thankful to you for the lamp that lights up my room, the drawers that hold my clothes safely and neatly. I’m thankful for the spacious room I have to walk around in, sleep in, watch television in, oh I’m thankful for the television I have. I’m thankful that I have a clean bathroom. I’m thankful that I have cats. I’m thankful for Mom and Dad, I’m thankful for the world’s best brother and sister. I’m thankful for all the life’s experiences I got to experience. I’m thankful for the lady that walks past my house everyday and smiles at me, she makes my day. I’m thankful for every helping hand I’ve ever gotten when I was down, I’m thankful for the sincere and loyal friends I made throughout my life. I’m thankful for the bad experiences, they helped shape me up, they matured me. I’m thankful for the money I have to order Pizza whenever I feel hungry. I’m thankful for the food on my table three times a day, and for the countless blessings I get from my grandparents. I’m thankful for having a nice family, I’m thankful for supportive people all around me. I’m thankful that all my senses are working, and I can hear music and feel and see beauty and show my emotions via my tongue, eyes, gestures. I’m thankful that I have hands to write all this down, I’m thankful for everything I have. And there’s just so much more to thank you for, so I’ll just thank you for all that up in my head. 🙂 

Yes, we tend to forget all the things God has given us, and forget that He has the power to take them away from us, just as He gave everything to us. So always be thankful; you may complain about not having a nice pair of heels, and then there are people who have no feet. 

Ponder over it. x



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