All of us Need to Discover our Limitations, In order to Be Successful in Life.


Looking at the images above, a normal person would surely be judgemental (If I come to talk about Pakistanis) ‘Modelling is shunned in society, such a taboo, doesn’t she know that? Self obsessed’. And so on.

But I experienced it, because I wanted to. Because I was happy with the way I looked, and still am happy with the way I look. I love myself, will not be a narcissist to many who know that this is the way it should be. Then again, most people would probably call me ‘conceited’.

I’m not afraid to be the way I am, it helped me discover me. I felt at ease with myself, and I feel so much more comfortable in my skin than many people I know of.

People who hide behind create an image and persona which is not theirs. People who control their laughter in public because someone once told them that they laugh ‘funny’, or people who are afraid to grin because they think their teeth are too big.

There are all sorts of people, and all sorts of complexes that they have. What I have to say is that I had to go through a lot of that humiliation and complexes too since childhood, having beautiful friends and people around me always, some richer, some prettier, some hotter, some more intelligent, but we have to remember one thing: we cannot be them, and they will never be us.

Everyone is unique, in their own way. Why should we be embarrassed by our big teeth or braces or our funny laughter? Nobody should make you feel that way, everyone is beautiful in their own way.

But in order to discover who we truly are, we should know what we are good at. Or what our strengths and weaknesses are, so that they don’t have to struggle when they’re in their 40’s. That would be pathetic. The road to discovery is to try everything you dreamt of, and aspire to become better at what you really want to do. But if you were born to be a writer and you’re getting into singing, it isn’t going to quite work out for you.

So it’s really important to have perspective. I look at myself over all these years, the experiences, the ups and downs, the friends I made, the friends I lost, the fights, the quarrels, the debates, the plays, the modelling, the shoots, the short films, the adults, the youngsters, everything and everyone around me changed me, and shaped me, into a better me. Into exactly what I wanted to be. So always, always, always chase your dreams, and never forget that you have dreams, and ambitions. Because without your dreams, you are nothing and nowhere.

We need to discover who we really are in life, to be successful at something that we do better than the rest of us around. And for that, self discovery is the first step. So go out there, discover your limitations, discover what you can’t do, and you’ll discover what you CAN do. And you’ll know yourself. And feel more confident about yourself, and the big teeth and braces won’t matter anymore. Sure, you can laugh goofy whenever you like, because you know at the end of the day, you are someone that people dub unique. 🙂

Discover yourself, and success will walk right to you!



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