The WishList.

The Emptiness in my soul,

Yearns for more…

This Void I need to fill,

No more excitement, no more thrills.

They did me no good,

and in turn, repent I should..

For the Lord to make me complete,

As I am, for now, obsolete.

The birds chirp on a daily,

I sit and hear ’em, barely,

Thinking so loud, my ears could burn,

with voices of the past,

begging me to yearn….

For love, lust, money and God.

For now I promise myself,

disbelieve I shall not.

A lil bit of faith, courage and strength,

and Mother, always by me at arm’s length.

Now I realize how my void would fill,

This list of mine, gives me a chill.

I long to fulfill it, and soon I will,

And maybe then life would be complete,

and on a happy stand-still.


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