Why The Need to Hide?

Hide feelings. Hide this. Hide that. Cover yourself up, you need to hide yourself from men. Wear a dupatta when you go outside. Hide what? I fail to understand. It just becomes a series of hiding things and then it moves to greater heights like hiding feelings and hiding emotions and hiding your stories and hiding yourself at a point then.
Its really not that difficult to know why we have to hide so much. We have been taught that as we grow older, our ability to endure and suffer and tolerate increases. We mature, and that’s when we learn what is inappropriate behaviour and what is appropriate behaviour. Screw all that, I wish we were still kids. Atleast we would be able to feel everything and tell it like it is. No need to hide yourself from others, from their judgmental eyes or ending up hurt by sharing your feelings.
I guess we hide because we know that some truths are just better left untold. We hide to save families, we hide so that our kids may love us forever. We hide to never hurt our parents, we hide to be able to face ourselves in the mirrors everyday when we wake up. We hide for good, but sometimes have you wondered, what if we hid, for bad? What if that truth that you so reluctantly hid, could have done someone a favour? Who is to blame there? How can we tell what is best hidden and what is best revealed. Its complicated.
I wake up every morning, trying to forget stories from the past. A past that I may not be able to bear with if I thought about it everyday, every single day, and yet I think of it most of the times. But I hide it underneath all the extra problems I carry around with myself. So yeah, hiding is what is best in such times of need.
We suppress those feelings. But they never disappear. And that’s all there is to it. And no matter how much I hate it, it is a part of me now. Just as it has become a part of everybody..



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