Hold onto whatever will get you through.

Taken from one of my favourite songs, I don’t trust myself by John Mayer. I believe, the sentence holds alot of truth. Life holds alot of surprises for each and every single one of us, whether we like it, don’t like it, accept it, deny it, regret it for the rest of our lives or are thankful for what we get. It will always come. And it will (most of the times) be something you would’ve never imagined, could happen to you. Such are the surprises God brings for us, for we know not what He has in store, and only He does. Sometimes, life hits you hard and all you have left is shattered memories of a once happy past. Hold onto those memories, they might hurt right now but someday, you will remember and they will bring a smile on your face. Experiences are a part of life, I say, experience each and everything you ever can. Go sky diving, plan a road trip with your best friends. Eat in the most expensive restaurants and give all your money to charity. Do it, sometimes you don’t even know where your bliss, your satisfaction lies. Sometimes, a stranger comes into your life, holds your hand and tells you, ‘hey, everything is gonna be okay, don’t worry.’ And you just have to believe it. You need to. Sometimes you get inspired by something or someone, go on, make something out of it. Yes, God has these little surprises in store for us, and I’ve realized that true happiness lies within us, and even a smile from a stranger or a ‘thankyou’ from a poor man you’ve just fed can make your day. Passion, passion is what drives us all. Look for something that drives you; music, kids, literature, sports, family, anything. Without passion, we are just as good as dead. Leading our daily lives, exactly the same way everyday. Eat sleep, sleep eat. Go to work, come home. Sleep and back to work. What good is a life if you don’t struggle for something? If you don’t have to want to achieve something? If you don’t want to struggle and be at the very top and be able to say ‘I did this all by myself’. Yes, life hits you hard sometimes and all you need at that time is a smile, a kind word, words of wisdom from a loved one, a pat on the back or a hug to tell you its going to be allright. Hold onto whatever will get you through. I know I did.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amu Qamar says:

    Good one ! Stay positive, always. Love u xx

    1. sanagillani says:

      Love you!

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