The Big Rat Race.

I wake up every day, brush my teeth, iron my clothes, have breakfast. Time to change into the clothes I’d have to wear all the day to work today, find my matching shoes and bag. Enter random thoughts in my head, about the past, present, procrastination over the future. Life is short, I think to myself everyday. I look at my mother still asleep in her room, she wakes up at the sound of the room door opening. Smiles at me, that’s how the good in my day starts.

I close all the doors of the house to ensure safety. Check my bag to see if there’s anything I’ve not put in that I might need. I wait for my driver to pick me up, he comes on his red and blue rickshaw everyday to pick me up, same time, at the same rate. I pay him, he comes to pick me, and that’s how it all is. Its all a matter of give and take. I brush my teeth, and the toothpaste I use makes my breath fresh. The breakfast I eat, makes me feel energetic throughout the day. The smile I get from my mother, is enough to brighten my life. The ride I get from my driver, makes me reach my destination on time and he gets paid in return.

Has life become a matter of money and give and take only? It seems like a big rat race as I travel on my rickshaw and see the world outside. I hear people honking horns in their BMW’s, I see cycles and bicycles trying to pass each other, over-taking and sometimes even bumping into each other. Why are they all in such a hurry? Because its a race. To get the best perks, to get the best place in the rush, to find the right spot in the traffic, to make the most money, to have the most highest of self esteem, to get a car, free education for children, free medical, and on it goes. It will never be over, for life seems to get busier and faster every single day of my life. I see how people have forgotten the real purpose of life, the reason why we are all here. Is it not a shield guiding us someplace else other than the path that we were chosen to walk on? This life seems to keep us all so busy that we forget thanking our Lord for the tiniest of things. The paste we have money to buy so we can brush our teeth. The breakfast we have in the morning because we are able to buy bread and eggs from the market. The rickshaw that we are able to travel on and pay for while others travel on feet and don’t even have slippers to wear at times. So why are we still unthankful to our Lord? Why don’t we appreciate what we have? This human desire of wanting more, will it ever be over? I fail to realize that at the end of it all, what do we gain from life. And what do we take back with us?

People come and go from our lives, its a rat race. We move forward, find new people to socialize with, make new friends, are happy again. People die, we mourn, we regret things we said or did ever, to hurt them, and a few weeks and months later, the pain heals and we try forgetting. They remain, they always do, but they are put into the part of our brain that we never want to use, we put them in the ‘forget this as soon as possible so you can be happy’ portion, so we can move on, be stronger, and look confident even after the setbacks we have been facing.

Why do we need to put a strong face for the world outside? Why do we have to put a protective shield onto our exterior so that no one is able to see the interior? Because we don’t want to lose the rat race. We don’t want to be left behind, trampled over by the bigger rats, the stronger ones, the smarter ones who never backed down. And in the end of it all, even the rat race can’t make us the real winners. For whatever we have in the end, is all left behind. Nothing lasts forever, and even the big rat race ends at a point in all of our lives.Image


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