Towards Zero.

Is it a feeling, can we touch it? Can we hear it? How does it occur, what takes place in order for it to happen, or should we say, in order for us to make it happen. Survival is everything we do, everything we own, everything we breathe, everything we feel. On my way to my University, breathing in the cold winter air, my headphones pressed as deep inside my ears as they can be, I observe. And watch people as they get off from their cars; big cars, little cars, some travel by local transport, others bring their bikes. Some walk towards the main building, others are carried to it on their wheelchairs. Everyone comes to attend their classes on a daily basis. Everyone studies? What for? Survival.

What is the feeling if we know that what we have is enough and we don’t need more? Nothing. How would the notion of achievements feel if what we had, we were content with? Sub-consciously, we will never ever be happy with what we have, because our minds make us think that what we have, is not enough. And it will never be enough. Maybe the force that drives us, is expectation. Maybe the force that drives us is climbing up the ladder to falsehood all the time, in hopes of a better tomorrow we forgot that what we have is not too much, but it is enough.

What we hope for is happiness, and the way we can have it is working towards it, till we achieve it. But what is happiness? Is it achievable? I believe it lies within us. And happiness is all around us, even as we walk the path to survival. As we talk to our friends, as we study in our classes, as we give some spare change to a beggar lying on the path we walk in nearby. It lies in the lights surrounding my beautiful city, happiness lies in the warmth of a mother’s hug. Happiness lies in my father’s constant lectures and happiness lies within the air I breathe. This is survival, this is everything I could ever have dreamed of. I believe in my surroundings, I believe in the life I have and I belileve that it is the best life that one could ever have had.

Our hopes from this world are different, are experiences never alike. Having different frames of reference should not stop people from being happy. What if a man works 10 to 5 and goes home after a month’s salary of 2 grand? He can still be a happy man. On the other hand, a man with a salary ten times more than a poor man, doesn’t necessarily have to be a happy man.

Money is survival, yes, to an extent. But survival to a larger extent is happiness, that comes from within. That comes from family, that comes from love; from unconditional, selfless love. And if you haven’t really opened up to anyone, you haven’t loved. And if you haven’t loved, you haven’t lived life truly.

Expect nothing, believe in miracles, do what your heart tells you to do. Love like there’s no tomorrow, treat people as you would want them to treat you. Survival in the end, is everything you do to keep going. Whether it means being fake to certain people upto an extent, in order to keep relationships from suffering, or being civil to people you hate in everyday life, your bosses (starting with), be nice. Everyone has their own baggage of problems, everyone suffers and struggles towards their own survival. In the end, we are all the same.


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