Silence, Is Bliss.

I hear the Adhaan(call to prayer) outside my house. The masjid’s nearby. I sit in silence and observe my room. I see the clothes scattered here there, I see one of the closet is open, with a couple of socks pairs lying on the floor; the bathroom door open and the lights switched on. And as I get up to close the door to the bathroom, I hear my brother play his guitar downstairs, its the middle of the night we’re talking about.

I scold him in a whispered yell, telling him to go to sleep. He listens, and stops playing. Mother is asleep, and she wants no disturbance till morning when she wakes up to leave for work, and I respect that. I come back to my room and shut the door. Lying down in my bed, I pull up the sheets to my face, and put my laptop on my lap, where it supposed to be. I look up at the clock as it strikes 5:00 am, I still can’t sleep.

I hear more adhaan outside. I plan and promise myself I will pray the next time I hear it, it has got to be my seventieth time. But I won’t lose hope. I need to clean up the room but I just don’t want to get out of bed, why is this happening to me?  It is because of the silence inside my room, the silence in my heart, the peace in my soul that I have attained. It is the inner peace that is everywhere around me, everywhere inside me, in my aura.

This silence in my mind, is bliss.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nabeel says:

    “Kal se pakka namaz parhu ga.” Never happens. *sigh*

    1. sanagillani says:

      My sentiments exactly. InshaAllah we will. Soon 🙂

    2. sanagillani says:

      Kabhi tau hoga!

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