I’m Not Happy, For You.

It’s almost always the best friend, who stabs you in the back. That one person, you love and trust the most. That one person, who could crush you in a matter of seconds, because they know each and everything about you. That one person, you consider the closest.

Gina was a happy person. Sure, she had every reason to be. She had a loving and caring family, a family that always stood by her. Supported all her decisions, even when she planned to get engaged to her long term boyfriend, Harry.  Everything was perfect in her life, she was 22, brunette and pretty. She had the most beautiful eyes ever. She had an amazing radiant complexion, all the guys wanted to get with her. They would stand outside her house for hours and hours, wondering when she would notice the effort and the love. When she woke up in the mornings she’d have white tulips delivered outside her house, her favourite ones, exactly how she liked them. In huge bundles so they gave off more scent. She would smile at the thought of waking up and finding them at her doorstep, and would carry them inside, not knowing now, for years, who was the secret admirer.She woke up one morning, preparing to get dressed, she noticed that no flowers had been delivered today. It was something she hadn’t experienced since a long time now. She was upset. Maybe my secret admirer got the idea it wasn’t gonna happen? Maybe he knew he’d get nothing in return. Was he just looking for a nice time? Typical men.

As she went back inside, she got startled. There in the shadows of her living room, was someone sitting waiting for her to come in and turn on the lights. “God Tasha! You scared the hell out of me! When did you come? “ It was her best friend, that one friend she loved the most in the world! She couldn’t wait to give her the good news of her engagement, ofcourse Tasha would be the bridesmaid.

“Just got in, I saw a few tulips lying outside your house, picked em up, put ‘em inside on your living room couch right there.” She pointed to a couch near the tv. “I got your messages last night, there was something important you wanted to tell me? And I can’t wait to tell you something too. But I want you to start, since you’re the one with all the happy stories and shit.”

There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Gina didn’t like it.But she tended to ignore those phases Tasha kept having. Ofcourse, she was going through a bad period in her life. Her parents got divorced,  her boyfriend had left her for another woman, she hadn’t graduated with good grades and she’d recently started smoking a lot.

“Okay! Haha I’m getting engaged to Harry next month, I’m really excited and you’re the bridesmaid! I want my best friend to be there for me, I love you the most.” Gina smiled at her best friend, that smile that Tasha loved the most. It made her look even more pretty.

Tasha started walking around the house. She went into the kitchen through the side door, pretending she was looking around for food. She opened up a few drawers, and found a knife. The kind with which you would only think of slicing meat.

“What’s wrong?” Gina was curious now. Seeing her friend in the kitchen with a butchering knife in her hand, with that gloomy mood was not a pretty sight at all. Especially when she had only 20 minutes to get ready before Harry picked her up for the movies. He was showing her to his parents tonight.  “I don’t know Gina, I just don’t know. But all this time, all this time we have been friends. I’ve been meaning to tell you something, and this friend of mine in my hand, right here, is gonna help me make you understand what I have to say, and why. I love you Gina, I always have. “ Gina stood there, in total shock.

“Whenever I’d see you get out of your clothes at night, slip into your night clothes, the numerous times we’ve showered together just because we would be running late for school, the few times you even made out with me, for the sake of fun Gina. But I have always loved you, those pretty eyes stare at me right now, thinking I’ve gone insane, but I haven’t, Gina. Those tulips outside your place, you never once thought it’d be me? I, your best friend, who has always known each and everything about you, hell your boyfriend even didn’t! He’s just good for sleeping with you, and that’s all he needs. That’s what every man needs , Gina, I can show you a much better life.” She switched the knife from one hand to another, and starting walking towards Gina.

“I would tell the world about our dirty little secrets, Gina. You have to make a choice. Either its Harry or me. You can sleep around with him, yeah. But you’d have to keep doing the same with me. I don’t care if you guys get married, it doesn’t bother me if you have kids. I’m just asking for what’s mine. I have seen the love in your eyes when I touched you, when we kissed. The numerous times we kissed. Just promise me that, and we’re good to go.” She put the knife down, very calmly, as if nothing had just happened and everything was perfectly fine. Like she had forgotten the last horrifying ten minutes of their lives, and she had a smile on her face. A very evil, I-know-what-you’d-say smile that told Gina that she had to run from her house as soon as possible. But Harry was clearly not showing up, and her phone must’ve been ringing, but she couldn’t be bothered. She was numb. Gina clearly knew that she would have to make a decision, once and for all.


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